Our History

Our Humble Beginnings

Oak Grove Baptist Church was organized in February 1892. John and Laura E. Cruse, Trustees Matthew Miller, William Miller, William Partee and Henry Miller were the first members of Oak Grove Baptist Church. Rev. H. Hopskins is recorded as the first Pastor.

In 1900 Rev. Kelly became Pastor. Soon after the Church burned down in the late 1920’s, the church was rebuilt by the Deacons, Trustees and friends from this community. A few recorded were Bro. Lemi Jenkins, Bro. Lewis Miller, Bro. Crowford Barnhardt, Bro. Steve Covington. There were many others that were not recorded. For many years, the Church served as a school for the community. Rev. Ford carried on the work as Pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church until his health failed and the church doors were closed for 4 years. Rev. Evans & Lula Wilson in August 1968 re-opened the Church doors at the request of his Aunt Irene Miller, who requested that the Church should never close it’s doors. Rev. Wilson began to look up old members and families. Bro. John & Bertha Spratt and family, Bro. Otha & Willie-Mae Cruse and family, Bro Raymond Cress, Bro. Bow Cress, Sis. Daisy Reid, Sis. Odessa Miller, Sis Ella Mae Covington, Sis. Lillie McClain, Bro. Robert & Rebecca Baldwin and family, Sis Ruby Garland and family, Bro. Luis & . Irene Miller and Family.

The New Oak Grove Church was built under the leadership of Rev. Evans Wilson in 1987. Rev. Betty J Broadie, pastured for 13 years until her death in 2016.

Today we are proud to say that our current pastor is Candra L. Bethea. The Lord has built this house therefore, our labor is not in vain